Commands - List

Command Description Aliases
radio Plays the radio. Usage : *radio <name of the radio> None
radio stop Disconnect Monika from the Vocal Channel. None
radio list List of available radios None
adorable This is adorable None
ascii ASCII text. None
avatar Your avatar. pp
awoo Awoo random images. None
aww Cute random images. None
ban Ban someone. Usage : *ban <@user> <reason> bannir
beautiful This is beauuutiful ! None
bite Bit someone. Usage: *bite <@user> None
bob Unavailable None
botstats Infos about Monika. bs
cat Random cat images. None
choose Monika chosen for you. Usage : *choose <1st choice> | <2nd choice> | ... None
discord_meme Discord memes. None
dog Random dog images. None
everyone Everyone Discord memes. None
fortnite Fortnite stats. Usage : *fortnite <pc | xbox | psn> <pseudo> None
free-status French: Savoir le status de votre ADSL/Fibre Free dans votre département. Usage : *free-status <dept.> None
hug Hug someone. None
insult Insult someone None
invite Invite Monika in your server. None
kick Kick someone. Usage : *kick <@user> <reason> expulser
kiss Kiss someone. None
lang Change Monika's language. Usage : *lang <fr | en> None
meme Memes from Reddit None
monika Rejoindre le serveur de développement de Monika. None
nani Nani ? None
owo OwO memes. None
pat Pat someone None
pileface yea pf
ping Ping Pong None
prefix Change Monika's prefix. Usage : *prefix <new prefix> None
punch Punch someone. None
purge Purges the specified number of messages. Usage : *purge <num. of msgs> None
roulette Randomly select someone from the server. None
say Monika repeats the indicated text. None
serverinfo Infos about your server. si
slap Slap someone None
triggered_meme Triggered memes. None
userinfo Infos about you or someone. ui
vote Vote None
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